Do we get too obsessed by "real"?

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Re: Was that Sally real? Of course she was …

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I keep returning to the late great Gary Winogrand’s remark: “I take photographs to see what things look like when photographed”. Most perceptive. Photography makes your audience see what you have seen and register the image in their brain. It is very quick, it only takes a fraction of asecond.

and yet I disagree.

What I see and mainly feel in a moving photograph is not often perceived by somebody else. An emotional image to me is such because of my life experiences, my psychology, my compassion and my passions.

I often start to form an idea of one's personality by observing their reaction to certain photographs. Some might find them moving, others find them ordinary. Much can be said about one's perception of reality and reaction to a (what some call) moving photograph.

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