Do we get too obsessed by "real"?

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Re: not real, at all

Rod McD wrote:


Photography and art are all ultimately abstractions from reality. People like different things. They differ in which particular abstractions they prefer. That's fine. In fact it's an essential part of the diversity of life. For you, maybe it's the images from Russian projector lenses. For me, my original inspiration was the large format realist Tasmanian landscapes of Peter Dombrovskis. I still love his images. Heaven forbid that we should all like the same thing..... Vive la différence.

Cheers, Rod

PS, nice bike.

Rod, big fan of Dombrovskis: I had several posters of his hanging at my place years ago, until the UV light faded them enough to become gaudy.

When I was shooting with Carl Zeiss lenses on my Hasselblad I tried to emulate his style. Occasionally I was pleased with my results. The images I took were contemplative and the feeling I wanted to capture was the longing of open spaces, imagining myself walking through that landscape. I believe sharp lenses and crisp images were an essential part to create that feeling.

On the other hand I find very sharp images with poorly composed mundane subjects with no focal point extremely boring, lacking any impact or emotion. I see way too many of those images. And while the equipment used to take them certainly costs way too much to justify such mundane results, so many photographers believe that a sharp lens will create Peter Dombrovskis results 

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