Do we get too obsessed by "real"?

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Re: not real, at all

ProfHankD wrote:

GnarlydogOZ wrote:

This scene is not real, at all.

Yes, the location and subject are, but my eyes did NOT see this when I was photographing. I used on purpose a lens that renders the bokeh in a weird way, swirly and soft, something my eyes can not see (unless drunk )

Ah, but it is faithful to how you envisioned it and has not been significantly manipulated after-the-fact in post. Your vision was set at capture time.

So, is it real? with no colors? (I am not color blind)

Honestly, I think of B&W as being inherently abstract -- which I like.

It always used to drive me nuts when people would look at one of my photos and say "Oh, that's Sally" when no, it's just an image of Sally as I envisioned her. B&W images tend not to get seen as their subjects, but as images, much more often than happens with color images. Still, I don't take that abstractness as license to aggressively edit in post without indicating I've done so....

thank you for the compliment.

The compliment actually is that to you, the viewer, the image I presented looks relatively real, while in fact it is nothing like the image the camera captured. In post I added the fog and detuned the background, eliminated the color that, in my opinion wasn't making the image "ethereal" enough. To a rider, my goal was to present the machine as a vessel of freedom, imagination or discovery, hence the blurred high tone background. Not sure if that feeling is perceived by the general public tho...

My point: photographs are ONLY representations of reality and only our minds are prepared to accept that what we see somehow translates to what exists. If that reality then evokes emotions I find an image much more compelling than one that just records the scene.

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