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**Neglecting the issue of whether there are differences between the ChromaLife 100 inks and the ChromaLife 100+ inks other than (1) the black ink improving fade resistance and (2) the red and green inks being dropped in favor of gray and light gray inks.

You just reminded me that the G620 also now has a photo gray ink, an ink channel that was not in the original Chromalife 100 ink set. If this photo gray ink were merely a dilute version of the original Chromalife 100 black dye, it would create an even bigger disaster with light fade resistance, pretty much as bad as any fade prone third party dye inks. It would therefore be logical for Canon chemists to borrow the Chromalife 100+ photo gray chemistry for the G620/650 printer, but...

The larger issue is that no matter where this photo gray ink's light and gas fade resistance lies, it renders the original Chromalife 100 longevity claims not applicable. The product would unquestionably have a different fading signature than the original Chromalife 100 ink set because photo gray inks typically get blended into low chroma colors throughout the tone scale as opposed to PK black ink which is typically used only for the very darkest shadow tones including max black.

Canon should have retested and published updated information on this new G620/G650 version of Chromalife 100 inks because a "one size fits all strategy" for a Chromalife 100 versus Chromalife 100+ comparison no longer works. I don't think Canon has done that yet.

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