Lost in music

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Re: Lost in music

Daedalus2000 wrote:

Something from my walk yesterday in London. It has been a long time since I had a nice walk. I liked the way this guy looked and how he seems to enjoy his music (or audiobook?) among all the crowds and noise. Thank you for looking.

Lost in music

I can feel that sound he is listening to, Kostas. A wonderful shot within these crowds in so different times. I like it in colors, blending nicely into the overall scene and, without distracting in my opinion, the blurred background layer just underlines the business of that scene. In B&W this is fine, too. Just with less info - a matter of taste and preference for ones' own interpretation of story telling.

Kostas, nice to see you posting. I hear you loud and clearly, myself been away for many months for obvious reasons, although it seems our whatever wave count is peaking out etc, still too many casualties around where I live. BUT the time is coming closer (Ihope) to grab that loved tool again and star walking, not like a squirrel in unproven turf and afraid of what lingers around the corner or ahead.

Stay strong and safe,



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