50/1.4 L-mount ART clunking on S1

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Re: 50/1.4 L-mount ART clunking on S1

Ihmemies wrote:


I bought a 24/2 DG DN. I already have a EF 50/1.4 Art with MC-21 adapter and the 85/1.4 DG DN. I don't have any unusual problems with any of them.

While buying the 24/2 yesterday I also tested a 50/1.4 L-mount version of the DG Art lens. After turning the camera on, the lens did "something" even when I wasn't touching the camera. It felt like AF motor or something buzzed altough the focus in viewfinder didn't seem to change. It wasn't the quiet swishign of aperture blades either.

Does anyone have an idea what might cause that? I haven't seen anything like that with any lens ever before and it definitely did not feel normal, so I didn't buy the lens and kept my old EF mount 50/1.4 Art.

I'd like to switch to the L-mount version while waiting for Sigma to release a DG DN 50mm lens some day, but if the old DSLR designs with L-mount make weird noises and rumbling and buzzing like that even when I don't use the camera, I'll pass.

I have the Sigma 50/1.4 DG HSM Art in L-mount. While continous AF is not usable, it does not behave badly in single-AF. There is no strange noise from my lens in AF-S, so I'm not sure what it was you heard on that copy. I use it with an S5.

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