Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

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It's a marketing thing

They know comparing things actually leads to more consumption, since people think that if they "upgrade" they will finally be happy. When they discover they are not happy, they repeat the process, while spending a lot more than they would have otherwise.

Comparisons also give the very wrong impression that you can somehow get more for your buck if you buy product X instead of product Y, when in reality corporations know very well how to bait their customers without being in too much competition with other companies, since that costs money.

It's about consumption, making things cheaper and skimping on quality as much as possible, but without them actually revealing that.

The proof is in the pudding, most reviews and comparisons avoid touching the real bad aspects of a product or list of products, most only say the newer stuff is better because it's newer and a lot more bla bla bla in the process.

In reality, it's mostly about production costs, a company that wants to sell a similar product at the same price point as others will need to make the same decisions regarding what corners to cut as everyone else.

A $100 lens from either manufacturer will usually have roughly  the same overall quality as the others, simply because nobody has a magic recipe to make a $300 lens but somehow sell it for 3X less.

This is exactly why all kit lenses are bad, at least the ones retailing for about the same amount(think nikon-canon).

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