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kypfer wrote:

The "easiest" option would be to upgrade to a K-3iii … the battery level is displayed on the top-panel LCD

Seriously though, the only option is to configure the display of the rear screen for the minimum number of button pushes.

I, too, choose to keep the rear display off until required. When I press the Info button the Control Panel displays, which is my preference, then to check battery level, which I do occasionally, I press Info again, then the right button on the four-way controller, see the battery level in the top right-hand corner (no need to press OK or anything else at this point), then press the left button on the four-way controller and press OK, the rear screen turns off. With familiarity it takes but a second or two.

I see, yes this was the only way I could reveal the battery level, but maybe I haven't got your patience! - the battery level should be easier to see than requiring several different button presses.

I love digging and poking around in the menus when I've got a few minutes to kill

This may or not suit you as an option, depending on how (or if) you use the Smart Function feature.

On p105 of the manual, in section 2 of the Button Customisation item, you can set LCD Display Options to one of the "Cx" settings of the Function Dial.

With this feature activated you can switch the rear display on and off with a click of the wheel. A touch of the Shutter Button or the OK button will get rid of the annoying Title (which disappears after a few seconds anyway) allowing you to immediately see the battery icon, then another click of the wheel and touch of the button and the screen is off again.

If you're using User Modes, remember to re-save your Mode(s) with this function set if you find it useful

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