Filter or not for protection?

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Re: Filter or not for protection?

powerbook wrote:


What do you mean? Does using a filter to protect the lens affect the image quality?

I have always mounted a filter on my lenses for protection of the glass. I have tried to buy filters to the best of my knowledge, but it is very difficult to get an overview. I have bought what I think has been a bit in the middle class in terms of price as I mean "you get what you pay for". But I really do not know if I could just settle for the cheap filters.

I have a couple of filters that are not UV filters but filters only for protection, from Haida and Tiffen. The others are UV filters from HOYA and B+W.

Thanks in advance

My logic has been that if another layer of glass provided significant protection (I'm talking here about protection from damage and not just dirt or dust on the front element) and did nothing to affect image quality, some camera or lens manufacturer would not have missed an opportunity to add this feature to the original purchase,  They could promote the fact that purchasing their lens is better than the competitor because it comes with an extra layer of protection as a standard feature.

Of course, if lens damage can still occur despite the extra layer of glass, they risk exposure to claims that they promised something they failed to deliver.

I've owned a camera for over 60 years and have never yet sustained damage to a front element.  I am probably just an extra lucky person.  And for these reasons I do not buy filters for this purpose.

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