Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

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Mark Scott Abeln
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It's expected and necessary

softmarmotte wrote:

Few people seem happy with what they have. We see comparisons everywhere

Comparing, sensors, lenses, weight, colours, IQ, sharpness, lastest... seems endemic

Don't forget that dpreview has lots of beginners, looking to purchase their first camera. So of course there is going to be gear comparisons.

What are we hoping to do/achieve by constantly comparing one thing with another ?

Cameras tend to be expensive, and even the ubiquitous smartphones are rather expensive these days. Someone who wants to take better photos than their phone or existing camera may very well want to know if the currently high prices charged are worth it.

They may have a special use case, like taking photos of their child's athletics inside a gymnasium, or their toddler in their living room, or inside of a darkened church during a vacation. They may very well have bad camera experiences with these subjects and want to do better.

Of course, many beginners think that the only thing they have to do is make the right purchase decision, and either forget or choose to ignore the fact that photography is an art requiring the purchaser to operate it well and choose their subjects well, which may be difficult for some.

and yes, like everyone I fall into the trap (sometimes)

It's not a trap unless the purchasing is obsessive or highly misguided.

So, calling all psychologists, anthropologists...or maybe we'll just end up comapring psyches

How about calling the physicists, engineers, biologists, and graphic designers instead? Or accomplished photographers? What do *they* have to tell us?

Of course, there is a certain opinion that purchasing decisions are *only* based on meaningless personal preference, arbitrary social pressure, or instead, perhaps due to the influence of dominant power structures, like the camera industry constantly propagandizing us. So in that case, I'm sure that everyone will be just fine if the Government mandates that all photographers, under threat of severe and certain punishment, must only use Kodak EasyShare cameras from the year 2001? Or are you open to nuance, or the possibility that there are very real differences between cameras?

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