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NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

IMO Canon needs to come clean with us about precisely what versions of ChromaLife ink there are, which models use which version, and why a new model would not get the latest and greatest version.

Canon's most recent longevity claims with regard to the G620 (USA version of the G650 as I understand it) and its megatank formula for Chromalife 100 ink versus the Pro-200's Chromlife 100+ ink set harkens back to the claims Canon made for these ink sets circa 2005-2009. Canon gives the Chromalife 100+ formulation a 3x superiority on print life over the Chromalife 100 formulation. From a marketing perspective, Canon's current longevity claims thus help to differentiate why the Pro-200's inks are significantly more expensive than the megatank 620/650's inks.

However, those print life claims made all those years ago were severely flawed because, wait for it..., Canon's testing at that time didn't account for the very poor black ink performance in the original Chromalife 100 formulation. Canon relied on the Wilhelm lightfastness testing method (albeit tested internally at Canon rather than published independently by Wilhelm). Once the black ink problem became more widely known, Canon quietly fixed the issue with the release of the Chromalife 100+ ink circa 2008-2009. Given the years that have since passed I'd wager the marketing folks on Canon's staff today who have been charged with the task of marketing these two new printers, probably don't even know this history! So, we are now seeing the old 3x difference claims being repurposed all over again.

If the G620/650 truly uses the original Chromalife 100 black ink formulation then I wouldn't touch that printer for photographs intended to have any enduring value! On the other hand, if Canon has quietly substituted a better black ink but is still calling it Chromlalife 100 (quite possible, IMHO), then chances are the Pro-200 doesn't have the longevity edge over the G620/650 which is currently being claimed. It's sort of a no-win situation for Canon with regard to "coming clean" on the current state of Chromalife 100 versus 100+ print longevity.

Both the G620 and the Pro-200 printers are at the top of my printer buying list so that I can run some new comparative light fade tests of their respective ink sets on various paper types. Regrettably, I have no time table for this work. The funding to do this project is not there, and even the availability of theG 620 in the USA is problematic at the present time.

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