Need help, 7d Mkii focus screen not lighting up and blury

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Re: Need help, 7d Mkii focus screen not lighting up and blury

Ray UK wrote:

In a 7D2 there is a transparent LCD above the screen that displays the viewfinder information including the focus squares, it sounds like your LCD isn't working. It is not something you can fix yourself and probably means sending it to a Canon approved repairer.

Thank you Ray for the info. I had read someplace about this transparent LCD just above the focusing screen, even managed to see it when I too that screen out to see if it had gotten jarred loose somehow. I replaced one in my other camera, a Canon T5 which was my first DSLR and it looks like I'm going to be reacquainted with it for a while.

For anyone interested, I'll be posting the results of the trip to the repair shop in case it happens to someone else and they were/are as lost as I was/am/will be. Complete with costs and timelines,


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