What mirrorless lens (video) equates to a camcorder 20X optical zoom?

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Re: What mirrorless lens (video) equates to a camcorder 20X optical zoom?

Zendit_Outdoors wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Zendit_Outdoors wrote:

What size (focal length) lens would a guy need on a mirrorless camera (say a Sony A7Siii) to be able to 'reach out' and film video at the same distance as a prosumer camcorder boasting a 20X optical zoom?

Say there's a elk standing 250 meters away in a meadow and your buddy has a camcorder with a 20X lens and you want to meet (or, preferably, beat!) the quality of his video, what focal length lens would you need?

What's the maximum focal length of the camcorder lens? What's its aperture at maximum zoom? What's the size of its sensor? What's the sensor resolution? What's the final video resolution?

I’ll have to check those specs. I’m not filming currently so I don’t have a camcorder checked out. I’ll as one of the other guys

In other words, you want to elk to take up as much of the screen (assume the same image ratio is being used) as it will in your buddy's camcorder? Even better if you could get a little closer and clearer.

Realize that a 20x zoom is not required for the A7SIII to beat the camcorder in that contest. No zoom of any kind is required - just a lens with a particular focal length. Depending on the answers to those questions (and perhaps some others about lens quality and sensor generation), it might not even be necessary for the elk to 'take up as much of the screen' as it does in the camcorder in order for the A7SIII to 'meet or beat the quality' of the final video output.

A lot of this is over my head - the numbers and math makes my dyslexia flare up like shooting straight into the midday Sun! Lol. I think I’m sorta following… Since the A7Siii I’m STILL waiting on (stupid Sony + EPA related delays!) has such high resolution, particularly with a good lens with say a 200mm focal length, it’s possible to crop in in post and end up with an equally good (or possibly better) image than a camcorder - one that will fill the viewer’s screen in a similar way as what the camcorder provides. Is that an ugly and neanderthal understanding of what you’re getting at?

It's part of what I'm getting at.

You asked what focal length is needed to meet or beat the quality of a camcorder video in a specific situation. An answer can be provided, but only if we first know what sort of quality the camcorder can produce. My questions are important for determining that.

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