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Update: Laptop cooler with fans

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Obviously the main problem with high performance laptops is heat dissipation. Some of them are part hovercraft, part fan heater; and loud too. Research that carefully before you buy!

I usually have my laptop on top of a cooler pad with 2 quiet fans running off USB power. I got a cheap one here in Japan in 2011 and it still works fine.

This isn't the one I have, but it looks fairly similar.

What I know is that when I used to have my current laptop elevated about 1cm above the table (small wood blocks under corners) the laptop's high speed fan would often kick in when using Lightroom, especially when exporting. It would happen everyday. Since I got my old laptop cooler with 2 fans out of the box I had packed it away in and started using it again the loud, high speed laptop fan never revs up.

I am not sure how many speeds my laptop fan has, but most of the time it is totally quiet, sometimes if there is not too much ambient noise in the room I will hear it speed up a bit, but I used to often get the jet take-off fan too. Since using my old laptop cooler with 2 fans though I don't get the jet take-off fan. Even when using Topaz Denoise AI and Sharpen AI mine rarely gets noisy anymore.

I have provided my experience. Take it or leave it.

Here is an update. A few days ago I temporarily moved my laptop to another room, but I didn't move all the stuff on my computer table such as my laptop cooler. In the other room I raised my laptop about 1.5cm above the table so lots of air could enter the vents on the underside. I used the computer the same as I always do. Pretty often when using Lightroom the high speed fan would start up and when using a program such as Topaz Sharpen AI and Denoise AI it would always start up. Yesterday I brought the computer back to my normal room with the laptop cooler. Now when I use Lightroom and the Topaz programs the high speed fan comes on less. Back to normal. My older laptop was much the same.

Of course, I cannot say about anyone else's laptop. This is my experience though.

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