What mirrorless lens (video) equates to a camcorder 20X optical zoom?

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Re: What mirrorless lens (video) equates to a camcorder 20X optical zoom?

NickZ2016 wrote:

I don't know which camcorder you're asking about but for example the Sony AX53 claims an equivalent of 650mm 35mm format 4:3 don't ask me to explain how they figure that makes sense . It's too early to do the math and try and convert to 3:2. In video 16:9 mode they claim 535. Wide end is 28mm equivalent.

The problem is at those extreme focal lengths you really need a rock solid tripod.

With a 200mm FF lens you'd need to punch in more than 2x. If you started with an 8K video you would still end up below 4K.

The question becomes what are you hoping to end up with? In theory you could take a short 4K clip. Zoom in post. Then upscale it back to 4K. It might even blend with the non zoom to the point nobody notices.

I’ll find out the specs on this year’s camera and get back to you. Kinda sounding like I just need to pick up a lens and shoot some footage to see what it looks like - all the figuring is clearly over my head. Lol. That’s the problem with just being a camera monkey with a camcorder all these years and letting the studio do everything else. 😥

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