D850 4K Video Problem - Dropped sound on last frame

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Re: D850 4K Video Problem - Dropped sound on last frame

patricksmith32 wrote:

Are you recording in camera audio or with an external mic plugged in? Also just curious as to why you need to record in 4K, is that a personal want or is it a client need? I do very little video but when I do, I shoot 1080, because that’s what all the local news stations want, heck they’ll even buy 720!

Patrick:  I was recording both on-camera with an external mic, and an independent audio recorder.  The on-camera is used as a "scratch" track to help sync up the better quality audio, recorded on another device.   In a sense, that mitigated the dropped audio frames, but if I wanted to use the camera audio that would have necessitated some careful editing.  Not sure if it would have been too noticeable, but it bugs me anyway (that there are lost audio frames).

The reason for shooting 4K, even though the final output was 1080P, is to allow for a "digital zoom" in editing.  I can push in on the footage without looking resolution in the final product.

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