Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

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Re: Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

acnomad wrote:

lightandaprayer wrote:

and (2) it can be used gate to gate (unlike laptops, phones and tablets don't have to be shut down and stowed for takeoff and landing).

That is an extremely limited period of time that a computer cannot be used. Do you really plan on doing some essential editing tasks during those minutes? Especially landings, when most of us are focused on preparing to get off the plane as quickly as possible. . .

Agreed, but I fly a tremendous amount, so this time does add up it is more than 30 minutes per flight for taxi-out, takeoff, climb to 10,000 plus descent from 10,000, approach, landing, and taxi-in. At present, I carry both an iPad mini for reading/videos/etc and a MBP for tasks requiring more capability. My original thought was to replace those two devices with an iPad Pro to cover everything. But it would seem that the photo editing capabilities sacrificed in using an iPad Pro instead of a MBA or MBP may be too great.

Thanks. . .  Now I better understand your unique situation.

I have to admit that I am keyboard-dependent LOL.  I learned how to touch-type in the 8th grade, which was a very long time ago.  I have never liked using my iOS devices for anything beyond limited email/texting, etc.  I have a portable Bluetooth keyboard but it is rather small, so typing is a bit of a pain for me and another device that I must carry, charge the battery, etc.

Like you, I carry an iPad Mini mainly for enjoying content, mainly reading.  I've considered getting a Kindle but it is too limited when an iPad Mini is capable of so much more for just a little bit more weight.  Since I am retired and no longer traveling for work, taking along a portable Mac is optional. But if I am going to away for a period of time, a Mac will probably be tagging along.  Our new MBA is certainly an improvement over the 13" MBP that we have used for 10 years.

Whatever you wind up doing, I hope that you will let us know how it works out for you. A lot of photographers are dealing with the same issues, so your experience may help others who come upon this thread via a forum search.

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