Beware 3rd party batteries

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canuck dave wrote:

BigusDickus wrote:

Be wary of third party batteries in the rx10 4.

This evening I inserted a freshly charged neewer cell into my rx10 4 and it became stuck in the battery chamber due to the cell swelling.

This particular cell was only on its 4th charge.

I had to resort to putting a drop of superglue onto my fingertip, sticking it to the battery and then pulling it out!

Needless to say the cell is now in the bin!

That's unfortunate.

However, I have been using '3rd party' batteries for decades in all my cameras, including my RX10IV with no issues at all. In many cases they have performed better than the over-priced OEMs.

Using Ravpower batteries here. Have 2 Ravpower and one Sony OEM for my RX10 IV. In the past with another brand of camera one Ravpower after 2 years swelled a little and in the trash--oops--bin it went. Have the batteries numbered 1-2-3 and rotate in sequence and so far, going on 2 years, no problemo.  Can't tell if the Sony or the other brand battery last longer. Sorry to hear you have a battery on your finger to contend with now. 8-)

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