A very useful but overlooked Fuji feature

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Re: Capturing same data in two slots is good, but not the same

Iuvenis wrote:

First, there's the cost issue.

The problem is that high capacity fast SD cards of the sort needed for 4k video etc. are still very expensive. A 128GB v90 SD card will set you back more than £100, and that's ignoring tough cards etc. A 128GB slower card could be £25 or so.

Lol why are camera people like this.

Fuji saves AT MAX 400mbit a second, which is 50MB/s. No reason to ever go for a V90 card in a fuji body.

The 20-25£ card is all you need.

But now let me add something useful to the conversation too. I just use MicroSD cards in my fuji cameras, 128Sandisk Extremes are plenty cheap, and if i need to make a backup of it, I just pop that badboy into my mobile phone and copy it's contents into phone storage.

Also the method that the OP mentioned is really interesting, i never knew it existed.

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