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dmanthree wrote:

There are going to be a lot of bargains hitting the market, Intel based, shortly after the M1x Macbook Pros come out.

There are advantages in buying an Intel based Mac!

For instance, when I want to do development I can either (a) wait well over 24 hours for Xcode and the developer command line tools to install, or (b) buy VMware Fusion or Parallels, install Linux Ubuntu in under an hour, and develop on the x86-64 Linux VM - no way on M1.

You can also run Windows in an Intel Mac VM. There's nothing in Windows that I need, but many folks feel differently.

Parallels says their software will run Windows on the M1. If it can do that, can't it also run Ubuntu? VMWare says Fusion will run "nearly any OS" on their product, and say it's compatible with the M1 chip.

To the best of my knowledge, the M1 version of Parallels creates ARM virtual machines, not x86 emulators.  The Parallels sites says that you can use the M1 version of Parallels to run Windows for ARM Insider previews.

I believe that Windows for ARM contains Intel emulation code that allows it to run some Wintel binaries.  However, Microsoft is now saying that running Windows 11 for ARM on M1 Macs "is not a supported scenario"; whether in a VM or directly on the hardware.

Because Linux and a lot of the applications that run on it are Open Source and/or Free Software, you can get (or build) ARM versions of Linux and many Linux applications to run within a virtual machine on a M1-based Mac.  But you couldn't just install and run Intel Linux binaries.

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