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A lot gets lost in forum discussions, but I can assure you, if you knew me in real life, while I do admittedly sit on the socially liberal/fiscally moderate side of the house, I am one who can't stand the "cancel culture" or the political correctness in the world today. The whole idea that christmas carol lyrics have to change because someone might be offended by them absolutely stuns me, but I'm old, so who knows, maybe that's the way things are going.

As for the Sony A1; outside of my dislike of the Sony ergonomics and menu, I don't have a reason for a 10 grand camera either, particularly given nothing I shoot would benefit from what it does. However, I'm sure there are plenty of people where that calculus ends up quite different and that's "the" body for them.

As for being a potential gearhead; well, I hopped onboard the Z train, what, 18 months since the Z7 was out and bought the original (v1) Z7 because I liked the price, and it was on sale, as was the 20/1.8S. The 24-70 wasn't on sale when I picked it up later, and wasn't quite as "necessary" a purchase, I'll admit, but given what I shoot might morph into different things this year, a mid range zoom wouldn't hurt. I spent about 5 grand US on all of it thanks to sale pricing, and I would think I'm far from the only person out there who has spent at least that on switching in and out some gear. Think of the people who have dumped all their Nikon to switch to the Sony side, or those who moved on from their D850 kits to a Fuji medium format mirrorless. That 5 grand, not an unsubstantial sum to anyone other than the really wealthy, brought me better quality visible in print at 20mm, along with a more portable kit that isn't as heavy when trudging through an airport at an over-50 age, and as a bonus allowed me to get a zoom that actually *can* replace a couple of primes for my standards as well, further lightening the load. That 5 grand will be forgotten in 5 years, but so far I'm finding myself happier (carrying less) and that sometimes translates into being more aware of the location and the light and ending up (on occasion) with a better shot. I'll take that deal over the long term.

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