Canon R5 4k HDR PQ video output worklflow

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Re: Canon R5 4k HDR PQ video output worklflow

Markr041 wrote:

Higgins2002 wrote:

Canon R5 4k HDR PQ video output worklflow

Canon R5:
* 4k HDR PQ,
* Highlight tone priority (D+ base iso 200)
* Picture style Faithful

* Exposure when capture video: ETTR, often it's +0,5 to 1.5 EV in daylight
* Check histogram/zebras for overexposure

Davinci resolve
Project settings
1.Color Science: Davinci YRGB Color Managed
2. Preset: REC2020
3. Enable Dolby Vision,
Dolby Vision version:4.0,
Mastering Display: 1000-nit, BT2020, D65, ST.2084, Full

Final output : 4k HDR PQ

I'm not satisfied with the colors I get the reds are to dark

Anyone who can share their workflow for HDR PQ output??

Do not use any Picture Style in the camera. HDR PQ describes a gamut, REC2020, and a gamma. A Picture Style imposes coloration and curves that violate the specs.

What monitor are you viewing the HDR bideo on?

The final output i watch on:

* 2 different OLED tv’s

* My PC with LG  27” HDR monitor, but I can’t get that one to work in hdr  in  davinci resolve. Videos in editing Windows It is allways  shown  in SDR  it possible to have it in HDR ?

So i just run it in SDR when editing.
Using  dolby vision to analize and show a conversion from hdr to sdr so i can’t really  see  what  i’m doing directly in HDR other than relay on dolby visions conversion

My tv’s are calibrated in both SDR and HDR

my monitor is calibrated in SDR so far .

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