Adding new Z body to current hybrid D750 / Z6 system

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Adding new Z body to current hybrid D750 / Z6 system

I've been using a Z6 with FTZ next to my D750's since it was launched. The EVF offers great advantages, as well as smaller form factor and slightly lesser weight.

Until now, I had little problems with using both systems next to each other - I have a bag of lenses from Sigma (1.4 ART's) and two recent Tamrons (85 F1.8 & 70-200 F2.8) and a Nikon 24-70 F2.8. The Z system's AF only really fails when trying to track people, for example when bride and father enter the church and walking towards me. I can only rely on the D750's tracking - which is not even at the level of a D6 or D850 of course. That says something about the Z6's tracking.

Also, of all my third party lenses, the AF is more reliable on the Sigma Art lenses, than the Tamrons. All lenses have had their firmware updates if available.

And also when documenting the dance floor scenes - at a wedding or actual nightlife event - a Z6 is just completely useless. I still use my trusted D750 + SB-910. The SB-910's infrared focus aid light is nearly invisible, but manages to nail focus every time. Of course, when used on the Z6, the infrared light of the SB-910 is disabled. And the super bright green focus aid light on the Z6 body is useless for any sort of candid photography. It immediately gives away your intentions and location. Disabling it, and the scene is too dark, the Z6 simply can not grab focus. Especially when the people are moving in the dark (also known as: dancing). The D750 & SB-910 nail it instantly in about 9/10 times. I find it frustrating and ridiculous that a new mirrorless technology has decided for me that I can't take those pictures anymore. It's like Nikon launching a now body and it can't take photos in a studio, for some reason.

Now, recently I had some events, in large buildings, dark halls, with corporate presentations and difficult lightning. And it shows how the "WYSIWYG" EVF of the Z6 makes it super easy to check and change the exposure, without taking your eyes of the viewfinder. On the D750, you only have the small scale on the viewfinder, showing you under or over exposure. Only visible when checking the preview on the back LCD. A guy giving a lecture under a bright light, against a dark background... no DSLR is going to nail that (auto)exposure. So I'm constantly switching from saved user exposure settings in manual mode. But sometimes, I either forgot to change or picked the wrong one, resulting in overexposed or underexposed - in already difficult lighting conditions (F2.8, ISO 6400). So not so forgiving as the D750's (and Z6's) sensors usually are.

So I'm looking into a second Z body, to prevent that in the future.

Budget is around 2200-1800€, which narrows it down to:

A new Z6 II body:
+ improved AF (?)
+ dual slots
+ familiar body & sensor
+ excellent ISO performance.

- only slightly better AF (?)
- the same resolution, no improvement.

A second hand Z7 body:
+ 45MP, higher than my current 24MP
+ slightly better eye AF because of smaller pixels (?)
+ ISO 64 instead of ISO 100

- slightly worse AF compared to Z6 (?)
- less ISO performance than Z6

Has anyone been in the same position? Too little info can be found on people switching from Z6 to Z6 II and how the AF improves or not in difficult light of tracking people running towards you. And during dark scenes on the dancefloor or similar events.

But because I have not used any body with a higher MP than 24MP, I can also use the Z7 45MP's. Because the launch of the Z7 II, the Z7 with the same sensor is available second hand (with warranty and very low shutter counts sometimes) for about 2000€

So I'm in a difficult spot. A second hand nearly new Z7, or a new Z6 II. I am open for any suggestions that might help me deciding.

Also, anyone having the same problem with photographing nightlife events? How do they manage? I once read someone change to using F8, disabling autofocus and just use slow shutter speeds to get some ambient light in, while freezing people with flash. But that 'flash + blurry background" look is a look that I used way back in 2010 and is not the look people know me for and hire me for.

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