Can anyone confirm that "MIN" on a Soligor mount means Minolta SR (aka "MC"/"MD) mount?

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Re: Can anyone confirm that "MIN" on a Soligor mount means Minolta SR (aka "MC"/"MD) mount?

Arnstein Bjone wrote:

Aoi Usagi wrote:

For $30, I would search for another copy with a lens mount that is more compatible with Canon, mainly with a longer flange distance so that you do not need to use a adapter with optics to enable infinity focus.

I think you have missed this..?: "I can probably get this lens as a gift..."

I haven't searched for that lens, and I'm not going to. I am barely willing to spend 18 USD (+25% VAT) on an adapter (if I get the lens for free), I just want to have it as a fun test object.

Yes, I sure did.

The reason for my opinion is that those optics in the adapter vary in quality so much, even when they are made in the same factory.  There is a high possibility that IQ will suffer (some, not so much).  They also act as short teleconverter, so it also affects image quality, the lens will be slower (less light hitting the sensor), as well as focal length.  They are also more expensive because glass costs money.  But if you are getting it for nothing, go for it.  You may be surprised.  I believe I used to own the Vivitar branded version of that lens and it was quite good.

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