RP battery charger, blink, blink, blink?

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Re: RP battery charger, blink, blink, blink?

SteveinLouisville wrote:

I have two dead Canon OEM batteries. I plugged in the charger, put one battery in, the charge light came on, then came back 2 hours later and the charge light was blinking. Took it out for 20-seconds, put it back in, and it glowed solid for a minute or two, then went back to blinking. Here is a photo of the battery contacts. Note, there isn't as stark a difference between dark and light areas in reality. When you slightly turn the battery, the dark areas are gold and the gold areas are dark, sort of like a hologram. However, the contacts are obviously worn.

I took the second dead battery and put it on the charger, where it is right now with the charge light glowing steady. I will give it a few hours to see if it glows "full."

Anybody else have issues with their batteries charging (or, not charging) and the blinking light? This indicates an error, so I have read, but I am not sure how to resolve it. I did clean the contacts on the first battery, but I don't know yet if that makes a difference. Thanks for all advice.

Batteries fail, thats what they do... Lithium batteries don't like going below 20% or being stored at 100% for any length of time. If they go completely flat, they may not be able to be brought back to life. And sometimes they just die for no apparent reason.

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