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Re: Canon's Digest movies and Video snapshots


pocus wrote:

I am checking for the first time video snapshot option and Hybrid Auto digest movies of 3 Canon cameras: G5X mark II, M50 and M6 mark II. I am not clear about their practical purpose. This is what I found out.

Video snapshots are shot in video mode by pressing the (red) record button. HAD (digest movies) are shot in Hybrid Auto on the mode dial. Both of them produce video clips.

HAD movies record a video clip AND save a photo. The video clip is appended to the video file for this day. If you change the folder the stills go to the new folder, while the associated video clip stays in the same folder.

On the other hand video snapshot movies do not save a photo BUT ask for the album file - last used or a new one. The video snapshot goes in the current folder.

On a computer the file names of the albums are the same as all other video files and are difficult to distinguish visually. Only the camera knows the difference and shows which is which.

I guess HAD movies are made to be used by tourists to record a voice message about an object or a place. For example you arrive at a site turn the dial to Hybrid Auto, say a few words ('This is the Eiffel Tower'), then turn the dial to PASM or Auto and start taking photos.

But I'm not clear about the purpose of Video Snapshots because you can record your voice message without having to interrupt your main video, select the snapshot option, record your voice, and then continue taking the video. Moreover video snapshots are only possible at FHD 25.00P in PAL mode.

The video files created from Digest movies and Video snapshots are both FHD 1920/1080 (in M50 resolution is 1280/720) at 25 frames/second (PAL); the codec is the same H264-MPEG-4 AVC (part 10).

But the file sizes of HAD movies and the snapshots are different. On M6 mark II the Snapshots produced files about 4MB / second, while the digest movies produced a file of more than 12MB / second.

Do you use Video snapshots or Digest movies? In what situation have you used them? Are my conclusions above correct? Given that everything is the same then why snapshots makes 3 times smaller clips than digest movies?

IDK but maybe go to your nearest best buy or carninal photoshop to get it a program

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