sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

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Re: sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

Off The Mark - its not about bokeh for me although its really nice. On a FF there is a really nice sense of size for things and also you can clearly see what objects are closer and further away from the camera. Where as on smaller sensor everything looks like they are the same distance away from the camera. More like a sticker. Hope that makes sense.

CaliforniaDave - i have seen Gordon Laing's video before posting here. Yesterday i went on a big city walk and for the first time in a while didnt bring my a7c. Was happy with just my phone and not having to deal with worrying about shutter speeds or how im going to stabilize it or any of that stuff. can just pull out the phone and record and video looks really nice other than looking like a small sensor video. But i guess that'll do for now. I dont know if i'll be switching to different brand camera for the time being. Its either i stick to sony or sell off everything and stay with just the iphone. Im hoping camera companies see what phones are doing and learn from them a bit. I would have loved to have a camera that processes everything like the iphone but have the big sensor look to go along with it!

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