UW DX zoom recommendation needed

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rich_cx139 Senior Member • Posts: 2,378
Re: UW DX zoom recommendation needed

I have the Tamron 10-24 HLD and chose it over the Tokinas and Sigmas because of user reviews.

It also has had good reviews by Chris Frost and Dustin Abbott albeit in Canon mount.

Its used for landscapes and I suggest that for castle and building interiors it might be worth your while estimating typical light values ( you can get these from google ), work out what iso you find tolerable, depth of field etc to see how bright a lens you need. I wonder if a 3.5-4.5 will be bright enough if you have any movement in frame. BUT the stabilisation is good so for static subjects handheld it should be fine.

The 35/1.8 is a great lens but maybe not wide enough for interiors.

It the 2.8 tokinas, I liked the look of the 11-16 more but the range is limited and no stabilisation.

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