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Phillip Forsten Contributing Member • Posts: 900
iPad mini 6 Display Flaw

In case anyone is thinking of buying the iPad mini 6, it is now known to have a really bad display flaw that causes a waving effect whenever you scroll, through say a web page. One side of the screen lags the other side causing the wavy effect. It is also being called the jelly effect. It looks horrible.

Some people are claiming that it only affects some samples but I have yet to see any video of a sample that doesn’t have the flaw. For those considering buying one, I would wait until Apple responds on the matter to see what they say and for those that have bought them I recommend returning it or canceling your order.

Some are hoping a software update will address the problem. Unfortunately from what I have read it doesn’t look like it can be fixed through a software update. A real shame if true. It is therefore best to return it or cancel your order until Apple addresses this problem.

I have one on order and checking to see if mine is affected is the first thing I will be doing. If it is then back to the store for a return it will go.

Hopefully this will not be moved to the iOS forum, which is rather dead in traffic compared to this one.

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