NYC Moonrise (9/19/21) and Qs about IQ and Shutter Shock

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Re: NYC Moonrise (9/19/21) and Qs about IQ and Shutter Shock

Tom Schum wrote:

S. Miller wrote:

You don't see it with these files but for each sequence I took, I did a five frame bracket to give myself the best chance of getting the perfect exposure (either from a single frame or combining in PS). The first shot of each sequence was steady but all other shots in the sequence had what appeared to be massive shutter shock. I (naively?) never expected this as I was shooting with a very sturdy tripod setup and used the Leica photos app to trigger the shutter.

2nd question: Is shutter shock in this setup normal? The shutter speed was either 1/100 or 1/200. It really bummed me out as the moon alignment won't repeat like this over midtown for quite a while.

Stunning images! It was a great idea to shoot from a long way off!

Thanks! Just wished I avoided the other issues that hit IQ!

SL2-S has electronic shutter, which will not produce shutter shock. Have you tried it?

I didn’t use ES but have since been advised to try it. It makes sense and I’ll try it next time.

Also, if you were using a really steady tripod shouldn't Image Stabilization or Optical Stabilization be turned off (in lens and in camera) ? I have heard that this is worth doing. It won't necessarily solve a shutter shock problem though.

I turned off the lens OIS but forgot to turn off the IBIS. I haven’t had an issue with this (keeping IBIS on even when shooting on a tripod)  in the past with other cameras that had IBIS but it could definitely be a contributing factor.

But electronic shutter should, with the shot triggered via a 2 second or 10 second timer.

PS Yesterday I discovered that my Sigma fp L will do the entire 5-shot exposure bracket if I enable the timer, but if I don't do that I have to manually click the shutter for each of the 5 exposures in the bracket. Not sure this matters in your SL2-S though.

The Leica Fotos app is actually pretty good. I set the bracketing in camera, then touch the shutter button in the app on my phone and it fires off five shots in a row. Next time I’ll just have to remember to test it in Electronic Shutter mode. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just shoot single exposures and manually change the settings (in the app) to get an old school bracketed sequence.

Thanks again for your comments.


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