iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

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Re: iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

firoze wrote:

I downloaded both full res photos and tried to add Sharpness/Definition to the 13Pro photo on my iPad Pro and MBP. No luck, the 12mini photo still looked better. Could you post any more samples please? I’m interested because a quick test at a Apple Store of my 12mini vs a 13Pro also led me to believe the 12mini was a tad sharper and produced a more pleasing photo.

Here are a few more samples.

Both were shot in a horizontal orientation, but I cropped away about half of each picture (I have some photo prints hanging on the wall that I didn't want to post publicly).  The part you see hasn't been resized, so it's still 100% magnification when you open the original file link.

The most noticeable difference in this one is that the cat clock is blurrier on the 13 Pro shot.

13 Pro

12 Mini

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