iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

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Re: iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

RedFox88 wrote:

The difference in size between those two isn’t that significant. One is 50% bigger but still rather small. Photos in daylight will look similar from most image sensor sizes. There might be different image processing with iOS 15 that needs refinement.

why did you replace your one year old phone?

Maybe the computational photography is responsible for so much of the final image that the difference in sensor is minimal.

Back in the early 2010s when I got my Canon S90 (1/1.7 sensor), there was a noticeable improvement in image quality compared to my prior SD1100 (1/2.5 sensor), but obviously that camera didn't have any of the computational stuff as the recent iPhones.  I guess I expected to see a similar level of improvement going to the 13 Pro.

I bought the 12 Mini last year with the intention of upgrading to the Pro this year (didn't travel as much as usual last year & wanted to try the smaller form factor to see how it did for day to day use).

I'll be holding on to my 12 Mini for the time being; ended up sending the 13 Pro back to Apple for a refund.

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