Do most 35mm film developers in the UK still return negatives?

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Re: Do most 35mm film developers in the UK still return negatives?

RJDG14 wrote:

I'm amazed how low the resolution of a store scan still tends to be in 2021 - typically it will be no higher than 2MP maximum, when film is capable of significantly higher resolutions. The image will sometimes also be overexposed or underexposed, and will almost always be in a JPEG format which is difficult to modify without getting lossy artifacts. I've been able to get better looking results with my DSLR. If I were not to get the negatives returned, I'd want a RAW scan of the negative that was at least 10MP, which is certainly possible with modern equipment, not a poor quality 2MP JPEG file.

How much more effort would it take for a processor to return the negatives than return the prints without? I doubt it would cost anything more postage-wise and feels more like this decision is based on the false notion that people don't "want" their negatives anymore, even though they're essential to anybody who is still shooting on film.

I had a quick look at how much Asda charge for a scan and it’s £1 on top of developing your film.   Compare that to other labs, who will charge between £5 and £10 for a scan of a roll of 35mm.  Some if the superfast scanners that you might want to use if you’re charging £1 for the scan (like a Pakon) are only 6MP.

Most labs in the UK seem to return your film but if you’re going to scan yourself then you can get film development for less that £4 / roll for C41

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