Looking For A Solution For My Collection

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Looking For A Solution For My Collection

I have been into digital photography since 2001 and recently I have been tasked with taking on scanning all of the family film photos and converting home movies to digital (VHS, disk cameras and even 8mm film). I put them onto a 6 TB and then my family purchased 2 more 6 TB drives as backups. I have all the photos scanned but I'm using this winter for organizing them.

I have been looking into solutions for being able to share the photos and videos with the whole family.

Here is the most important features we need.

Everyone that has access to the photos should have their own login and I should be able to control access to certain folders for each user.

Since most of the photos are in png format and png doesn't have metatags I need some way to tag each photo with date and names of who is in the photo and in some cases the event.

I will house the photo server in my house but my family is spread out so they must be able to access it via the internet.

I'm not too keen on the idea of housing them on Google because of space limits per account and privacy concerns. I do have Amazon prime but there are some privacy concerns there as well. Read re agreement carefully.

I was considering FreeNAS or TrueNAS but it does not support tags for the photos.

I looked into MediaPortal 1 (2 does not support photos) and it requires a lot of extra software and I'm not sure if it will meet my needs.

I looked into Plex and again no tags or labels and there are privacy concerns. Anything you get for free comes at a cost.

I know I need a NAS but we already spent so much on the hard drives, I don't want to shell out or ask family for another $1500 for a NAS drive.

I'm really looking for a software solution (preferably not an OS) or a way to turn an old computer into a NAS with all the above requirements.

I'm sure someone here has already done this and I don't have to "reinvent the wheel".

Thank you.

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