So, so confused! (2x extender compatibility) Nikon D70

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Re: So, so confused! (2x extender compatibility) Nikon D70

Barbie Heid wrote:

Hi all!

I'm using a Nikon D70, and I'd really like to invest in a 2x extender (I have a Nikon 55-300mm). But I am soooo confused!

The official Nikon site says 'nope, can't be done', but the majority of the dealers/sellers say it can. I'm worried about nuking my sensor/and or motor, as Nikon warns I will. Plus, Nikon says you can't use an extender on any zoom to begin with, but again, the sellers insist I can!

Like to hear from anyone who's tried it/and or are using one; and can it even be done at all with a zoom lens and a D70?

Thanks so much!

As per Nikon, their teleconverters are compatible with some zoom lenses and bodies...

But to be honest putting a 2x extender on that lens (I own one myself) would be problematic, not to mention that the converter would cost more than the lens. At f/11 don't expect either AF or metering to work so you'd have to go full manual. You might be able to find an aftermarket 2x converter (Kenko?) but again don't expect any automation.

If you really want a long tele lens then I'd suggest you buy a Tamron or Sigma (I don't think the Nikon 200-500 will work on a D70) but again check compatibility.

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