Could use a double check on my laptop upgrade choice

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Could use a double check on my laptop upgrade choice

I want to get some second thoughts on my hardware choices, as i value all levels of experience.

The last year i have been getting serious about my photography, and have been going to new challenging locations (at least for me...). As such, going to remote locations and staying in hotels rooms, being mobile has been a valuable asset, and my Surface Book 2 - 13" has been my go-to laptop (primarily since i have already had it).

In use, despite being the best spec SB2 (i7/16GB/512/1050ti base), i have found that big photoshoots (where I will pull 500+ photos) will cause it to struggle; capture one can take more than hour to generate previews, and absolutely thrash its battery (this is using a mobile SSD).  I was "ok" with this up till last month, where I managed to break my screen... sigh...

So, i have been shopping, and the problem is, being a hobby shooter (right now) I don't have a huge budget.  I would love to make money off this, but cannot REALLY justify a professional level machine. All that said, i had decided to use my B&H card to finance the new Asus ProArt 16; it blows away even my desktop (for CPU at least), and would be a solid machine. But it will cost me $2.5k, which having just bought a house, is a good chunk of money.


Now, if i had something pre-ordered, what is left to wonder? Well, the other day i ran across a steal of a deal: a Razor Book 13 that cost me $545 out the door; this was at a pawn shop, and while i don't know why it was so cheap, it was.  The specs are the top end for it as well: i7/16Gb/512/UHD screen). Its physically smaller than my old SB2, but the screen size is the same (calibrated, better gamut, and higher res to boot), with equal connectivity. All in all, it is a fantastic machine, matching and exceeding all my old machine's specs

Going forward, i have two reservations about the new machine, which is what i want to get a reality check on:

- The CPU in he little guy is just a 4 core, and i feel like that hurt performance in the SB2. I know the 8650U was a very low power, low frequency, as opposed to the more powerful 1165G7, but i wonder how well the CPU will scale for another few years

- The lack of any discreet GPU. I have had it pounded into my head that C1 and Adobe really needs the discreet cards; the desktop 2070 i have is great, but even though initial use hasn't shown a problem, i wonder how much i will regret i will have going down the line (i will be upgrading C1 versions with the next release).

After all that rambling... can i REALLY justify spending the extra 2 grand , or should i just be happy with what i have, and put it to better gear/training/experiences in the field?

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