Lithium AA's in Godox TT350c??

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Re: Canon says don't use lithium batteries

tugwilson wrote:

Jigal wrote:

The weird thing is that the Godox V860II has a custom Li-ion battery (2000mAh, 11.1V). The product sheet says that this increases flash performance and reduces recycle times.
It doesn't seem that they are afraid of heat issues.

Those are Lithium-Ion batteries. The Energiser Lithium batteries are a different chemistry, For a start they are cheaper and non rechargeable.

Sorry, I didn't think of those non rechargeable Lithium batteries. I've actually never seen them as AA (penlight) batteries, only in those tiny button-like batteries and other sizes that are not often used.

All batteries get hot when being discharged or charged. Some more than others. In normal use I don't believe that any pose a significant risk in these speeldights.

Correct. Speedlights can get quite hot if you quickly fire them at full power. All flashes warn against this and brands like Godox even dramatically increase recycle times to prevent damage.

A good charger (one that charges slower once the battery is almost charged and one that uses a current which fits the capacity of the battery) also helps reduce temperatures during charging.

If you think that the higher voltage of a Lithium Energiser battery will reduce the recycle rate I think you're mistaken because the internal resistance is quite high (which is why they get hot) which will limit the current flow. I think the sweet spot is Eneloops.

No, those Lithium Energiser batteries are not suitable for flashes. I've been using Eneloops for a while for speedlights and I really like them.

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