06 tele zoom stopped focusing.

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Re: 06 tele zoom stopped focusing.

drummercam wrote:

The Q lenses are not manufactured any longer, and are getting older every day. And they were not overly robust to start with, being parts of a miniature, almost novelty system in which longevity probably was not the top planning factor. I don't think repair and parts supply was ever an option, with perhaps the exception of inside Japan.

"Novelty" having been said, I have nonetheless gotten great use and fun from the Q7 and the 06 and 08 lenses. If you want to continue shooting an 06, you should buy one while they still can be found. Then take the old one apart and repair it yourself if possible to have a backup.
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I've bought a new one for $110, previous one I've bought in 2018 for $85, I had one before that, which I've got with Q7 as a part of 2 lens kit, but I replaced it with the second one, because first one accumulated some dust. I sold the first one for more than the price of the second one. Q7 was also replaced by Q-S1.

Used examples of 06 can be had starting from $66 right now.

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