Fx vs DX Lenses.

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Re: Fx vs DX Lenses.

But my thinking is that you probably don't want DX lenses on an FX DSLR, as what you see in the optical viewfinder is very different from what you'll see in your actual shots: the viewfinder shows more image than the lens can produce, so you'll see very dark corners even those don't show up in your photos because the camera will automatically crop your shots.

I've only used DX lenses on FX for some informal testing.  I noticed that my D750 does not recognize any of my DX lenses and doesn't automatically crop my shots.  Also I noticed that none of my DX lenses will provide much more field of view than the DX frame size.  I tried my Sigma 10-20 which of course has 15-30 field of view.  I think I could use it on full frame and crop myself to get at best about 13mm or 14mm field of view, but of course I'm losing a lot of pixels.  However I gather that some DX lenses work much better on full frame, maybe even adequately covering the full sensor area so no cropping is required.  I haven't managed to buy one like that yet.

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