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Rare things

Picture this:
A birder undertakes a trip to photograph a rare bird. The bird, although rare, looks just like an ordinary bird--nothing spectacular, dull colors, small size. Also, the picture itself leaves a little to desire, because the bird was hard to spot, thus hard to photograph. But the birder proudly posts the picture on this forum, and all non-birders look at it, and say: well, yeah... a bird, like a bird.

Now replace "birder" with "arachnologist", and "bird" with "spider", and you will get exactly position I am in.

Meet Dolloff cave spider (Meta Dolloff), one of the rarest spiders of North America, which is listed on the 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals. Hard to find, hard to photograph. (The latter definitely shows in the pictures below. )

Well, yeah... A spider, like a spider...

Try to enjoy anyway.

Meta dolloff female.

Meta dolloff male. (Both male and female have leg span about 1.5", maybe a tad more. I should've measured them, but I got overexcited...)

Beautiful abdomen pattern.

An egg sac. (There will be more spiders !!!) Diameter of the cocoon about 3/4".

The blue background is a section of graffiti painted by some vandal. One more time it proves that the biggest threat to the surrounding world is human stupidity... (Spider is on the right, exuvium, i.e., shed skin--on the left.)

This spider happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and got painted blue by the graffiti vandal. It somehow managed to survive.

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Many people photograph birds. Not many people photograph spiders.
I photograph spiders. I'm a photo-minority...

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