Tracking with Animal Eye AF: A9 vs A7RIV

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Tracking with Animal Eye AF: A9 vs A7RIV

I have an A9 (I) and an A7RIV. One of the things I love to do is taking photos of our two dogs. Of course, eye AF is great for that, but I noticed something that's bothering me a bit on the A7RIV.

On both cameras, I have these settings:

  • Subject detection: Animal
  • Focus area: Flexible Spot S
  • Focus mode: AF-C
  • Drive: Single
  • Focus lock button on lens: set to Tracking On

Now, on the A9, once I see that the camera detected the dog's eye, I activate Tracking On, and the camera just locks onto her eye and tracks it. That's awesome.

At first, I thought I must have missed some setting on the A7RIV, but after checking the manual, I see it indeed says:

"If [Subject Detection] under [Face/Eye AF Set.] is set to [Animal], you cannot select [Tracking] for [Focus Area]."

And the A9 manual does not say that.

That's really surprising to me, because the A7RIV is a much newer camera, and I thought Animal AF was only added later to the A9 (I) via a firmware update. So why does the A7RIV have that limitation and the A9 doesn't?

And for those of you who also does pet photography with the A7RIV, how do you typically use Eye AF?

Sony a7R IV Sony a9
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