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Re: Epson 1500W Yellow printing Black

Chris-N wrote:

Vernon thank you very much for your help. I have installed cleaning carts as an experiment to see if they will help in any way. Also I have a deflected black nozzle I am trying to fix with the cleaning carts. So far, the deflected nozzle is still there. Once the nozzle is fixed then I will try the tubing method and suck out the ink in the yellow and black positions as you have suggested. I already have tubing, so I don't need to buy anything.

After re-reading your fix about sucking out the ink with tubing and a syringe, I can understand that suction can have the effect of pulling the head together, which might help fix the delamination. Its definitely worth a try. I will report back later.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards


Chris, I honestly don't know if there will be a benefit to applying the "sucking out" after you have used the cleaning cartridges -- since that should have left ALL of the ports (for all colors only with Cleaning fluid so there should now not be any "residue ink" to suck out.  Also, if you do get some residue it will all be cleaning fluid but with NO knowledge of what color channel it came from.  Before the cleaning fluid you could determine what port (color) it came from.

If you choose to do this NOW (instead of before) applying the cleaning fluid process -- then, the results May or may not be beneficial for both of us.

Hopefully, after the cleaning fluid process and you re-install your ink cartridges and get ink flowing for ALL ports, then if it is OK, you would not "Initially" need to do any suck opt.  Wait to see if you AGAIN get mixed colors.

Most of the printers seem to be very "cranky" to keep running.

Regardless, I am interested in your FINAL results -- and hopefully it will be good news.

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