Lithium AA's in Godox TT350c??

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Re: Canon says don't use lithium batteries

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I know this thread is old, but it's still relevant.

Lithium batteries have high voltage and low internal resistance. So using AA lithium batteries (such as Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA) in a Godox TT350F flash should work very well. I think it would be a signifigant performance upgrade. At least in theory. I haven't tried it.

I've read that lithium batteries are generally not recommended for use in flashes, owing to getting very hot with heavy use. I know of one professional whose flash was damaged by hot lithium batteries. And here is a quote from a Canon advisory:

AA Lithium batteries cannot be used with any Speedlite or Macrolite products and compact battery packs including those listed below because certain AA lithium batteries, in rare cases, may become extremely hot during usage in such products.

The list mentioned had all of Canon's flash products and external battery packs at the time of the advisory, except for triggers. Apparently, the current draw in the triggers is low enough that using lithium batteries is not an issue.

That makes sense now that you mention it. My electric nose hair trimmer had semi-weak performance with 2 new Duracell AA alkaline batteries. I replaced them with Energizer AA lithium batteries. The trimmer then ran very fast and strong and never bogged down again. It runs like it was souped-up hotrodded. Also, the AA lithium batteries last for years in my trimmer. However, the trimmer gets very warm using lithium batteries. So I can understand why Canon would issue that warning for its flash products.

I'm going to contact Godox TT350F support and ask them.

The weird thing is that the Godox V860II has a custom Li-ion battery (2000mAh, 11.1V). The product sheet says that this increases flash performance and reduces recycle times.
It doesn't seem that they are afraid of heat issues.

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