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Gesture wrote:

Good luck. But I expect this is the common delamination issue. I had the same thing on my 1430. Can't find it, but Mike Lee explained more fully what is happening in a post in the past. A head cleaning will temporarily clear the issue but it returns. That would be one clue. Don't know about the capping station explanation.

Gesture, thank you for your reply. My understanding is that Epson print heads are made from sandwiched layers of plastic. Cut into those layers like a circuit board are the ink channels that go from the carts to the nozzles. If the sandwiched layers separate for whatever reason, air could ne introduced or cross channel ink contamination can occur.

In my case, if delamination is the cause, there is not much hope of a cure. But I am trying all the suggestions and will report back in case I find a fix. Unfortunately replacing with a genuine Epson head would cost me about half the price of a new printer which is just not worthwhile. I don't know of a source of a cheap and good replacement Epson print head.

The good thing is that  I can still use the printer. But before every print job, I have to print  a 2 inch yellow purge pattern. Its annoying, but works.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

Kind regards


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