Epson 1500W Yellow printing Black

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Re: Epson 1500W Yellow printing Black

Vernon thank you very much for your help. I have installed cleaning carts as an experiment to see if they will help in any way. Also I have a deflected black nozzle I am trying to fix with the cleaning carts. So far, the deflected nozzle is still there. Once the nozzle is fixed then I will try the tubing method and suck out the ink in the yellow and black positions as you have suggested. I already have tubing, so I don't need to buy anything.

After re-reading your fix about sucking out the ink with tubing and a syringe, I can understand that suction can have the effect of pulling the head together, which might help fix the delamination. Its definitely worth a try.  I will report back later.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards


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