X-S10 or X-T4 - which would you keep

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Re: X-S10 or X-T4 - which would you keep

pseudobreccia wrote:

dwjnic wrote:

I have managed to give myself a serious first world problem.

I purchased an X-S10 as it gave me the main thing that I wanted from a Fuji camera in the past - which is a good grip. However, it is a step back in terms of the battery.

I then saw an X-T4 for a stupidly good price and overcome with GAS immediately purchased it. Despite knowing I will not get on with the grip. However, it does have a much better battery.

If you were in my position would you chose the grip or the battery. I know the X-T4 has some other positives as well.

My other not financially viable plan was to keep both and buy a battery grip for the X-T4 which will give better grip and use this for the heavier zooms and use the X-S10 for a walkabout lightweight camera.

Who cares what "we" would keep? You are the ONLY person that can answer that question.

A day ago the OP wrote:

"Thanks to everybody for their responses - obviously, I know only I can make a choice on what to keep and only started the thread out of interest to see what the opinions of others would be".

Asking other people for their opinions is quite a normal process for someone to go through on their way to making a decision. We have an entire forum here that is basically dedicated to exactly that.

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