Intervalometer for A6400 +30s exposure

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Re: Intervalometer for A6400 +30s exposure

danny006 wrote:

Tristimulus wrote:

Just stack 30 sec exposures.

Does that mean with 30s you don’t need autoguiding?

Yes - I have thrown away all my guiding stuff and go for 30 sec unguided sub exposures all the way now.

Have tried out everything from 1 sec to 4 min sub exposures.

The sweet spot in my case seems to be 1 minute sub exposures. But 30 sec sub exposures give pretty much the same end result and less smearing by turbulence. So - to me - that is the perfect compromise.

Note that I have some light pollution, under a really dark sky 1 to 2 min subs would do a somewhat better job. However most of us do live in populated and artificially lit areas.

From my personal tests 15 sec subs are a minimum, and exposures longer than 1 min do not add anything but more smearing by turbulence and some tracking errors.

By all means test for yourself and go for your personal best compromise.

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