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timoteotresgatos wrote:

I don't have as much control over how the picture is taken with my phone compared to a camera. The reflection and glare off the screen is a problem at times. Raw files are only available in "pro" mode but it is far from a true "pro" mode - no aperture control. I like control - I used to shoot film with a Canon F1 in manual mode.


The images themselves seem to be very high quality but I just don't have the control i need to use it exclusively for travel.

To embrace camera phones you ideally need to change how you shoot with them. You don't get the same controls but you do get access to a lot of built in intelligence to bypass or mitigate the limitations

Depending on the model, you can also buy a 3rd party camera app that allows you more familiar photography controls (if supported by your model). An app called Camera+ used to be well regarded for this.

Some phone cameras do have variable apertures, but most don't, and even in the ones that do, because of the crop (usually x6 / x7) you're typically shooting at ~F11+ equivalent even when wide open, so you still  don't have much to control.

Instead they use AI to selectively blur the image to simulate a wider aperture. The results vary based on the camera model, from laughably poor to pretty amazing.

It's as I was saying in the other post, the people consistently getting good results from mobile phones are usually the ones willing to go to extra lengths to get them, which includes adapting to make best use of what is available, but which is not everyone's cup of tea.

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