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Re: Circle around car and shoot video

LesDMess wrote:

Ching-Kuang Shene wrote:

Harmstra wrote:

Our customers shoot a walk around video of a car by literally walk around a car while holding a camera or a phone. As you can imagine, the image goes up and down because of the walking .

Your customers show bring a Gimbal so that the video won't go up and down.

Ik would like to take this to another level. Would it be possible to fully automatic let a drone fly a circle around the car while shooting a video? The radius should be something like 3 metres.

Well, any good drone can do that. The problem is that the drone must have a stabilized Gimbal to avoid the video going up or down and to keep the horizon horizontal. Now, the next question is that the radius being 3m is perhaps a little too short. Many drones have a 5m radius as its minimum. Another problem is that most drones have a rather wide angle lens, which means 3m away the car could be too small in the image let alone the barrel distortion issue on most cheap drones.

The process has to be very simple, because car sellers are not drone pilots

If you mind the above issues, even a sub-200 drones can do it automatically. But, radius being 3m IS a problem.


By sub-200 do you mean below $200 USD?

If so then I am curious what sub-200 drone have a good enough camera and stable flying characteristics that can easily do a circle mode even at 5M radius?

My answer was directed to "doing it automatically."  I have highlighted the text above.  Or, increasing the cost to $300, then the DJI Mini SE can do it automatically.  As for image quality, it is a very subjective issue


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