sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

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Re: sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

CaliforniaDave- shooting with the kit lens at its widest usually 28mm. I am walking and shooting. Sometimes i stand still and those videos turn out alright but when walking, its all a shaky mess. You say OSS and catalyst but from what i see on the internet, OSS and IBIS need to be off in order for me to get good stabilization from catalyst. I dont need a gopro because i only bought a full frame camera to get the full frame look. im quite happy with the stabilization that comes out of the iphone. the gopro will look like a gopro

Thanks for your help!

Strangefinder - going to a smaller sensor is no good for me. the whole point of getting a camera was to get the big sensor look. when i had my APS-C camera, it wasn't getting me enough of a big sensor effect. so smaller sensor is definitely a no for me. Thanks tho!

hobbit mob - these videos i shoot are just for my personal photos/videos album. i dont publish these anywhere and i am not up to spending so much time to perfect these videos. All i wanted really was to have similar results to what the iphone gives but with a big sensor look (which looks really good when the camera sits still). I understand now that without a gimbal, i wont get the stabilization i was looking for. Thanks for your comment!

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